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About IPSC

  1. Preface
  2. Our Mission
  3. Our Vision
  4. School Rules
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True knowledge is that which leads one towards kindness, charity and compassion towards all human beings through which a person can enrich himself with high morals, enhance spiritual dignity and nobility. It guides us to understand and tell the difference between the right and the wrong and shows the Straight Path in order to achieve the Eternal pleasure of knowing the Creator, Almighty Allah. From this point of view, all kinds of education and learning, must pave the way for the students to attain Allah's pleasure and shun His wrath.

Regrettably, the larger part of our modern education system lacks the power of faith, moral education, wisdom, spiritual fervor and enthusiasm for the cause of serving humanity. Inevitable result of present education system is to seek worldly comfort and pleasure, more wealth and self-indulgence by any means. Moral values like modesty, chastity, humanity, humbleness, politeness, and pride in professing the faith etc is considered backwardness, out of fashion and a fault in the pursuit of a secular education. Read More..


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  • To attain excellence in knowledge, efficiency, morality, intelligent mind-set and creativity.
  • To develop leadership qualities in the students imbued with honesty, patriotism, accountability and selflessness.
  • To contribute in the well-being of the humanity through individual and collective effort.
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To create a generation & leadership enlightened with all pervasive human qualities with a view to building a welfare society.

  • Arrive at school in time and join the morning assembly.
  • Wear clean and proper dress.
  • Display your ID card while at school. 
  • Use English while in school premises.
  • Remain quiet and maintain discipline in the classroom.
  • Stand up and greet with salam when teachers enter the classroom.
  • While in sport class and during the tiffin time play without hurting anybody
  • And without making much noise.
  • Be humble in prayer and keep silent in the prayer room.
  • Keep the campus clean and tidy.
  • Follow instructions of health and hygiene.
  • Remain polite and modest in conduct and behavior.


Dhaka Campus
Chittagong Campus
Rajshahi Campus
Khulna Campus
Barisal Campus
Bogra Campus
Feni Campus
Rangpur Campus
Noakhali Campus
Dinajpur Campus
Mymenshing Campus
Mirpur(Dhaka) Campus

At a Glance



Upcoming Branches

                              Area Contact:
Dhanmondi /Lalmatia- Dhaka




Gulshan / Bannani (Female)–Dhaka
MouloviBazar, Sylhet ( Full residential)
Cox’s Bazar

Hifzul Quran course


A special Hifzul Quran course is going to start on Dhaka Campus from 15th January. With the full residential facilities there some others courses are added